Your Stories

Inspirational stories by some of those who have been moved by or benefitted from Love-Essex.

Email received following Southend 23 event on 16/09/23:


“I am a 50 year old man. Me and my wife visited Southend today. It was beautiful. I am a very spiritual person. I love God.  But lost the love of people. I walk around. Sat talking. Drank coffee. Observed. Children both black and white. Happy smiling like children should be. I felt something different that I have not felt for years. The love of God and felt the love everywhere I turned. I got very emotional. It was real. Beautiful, long lost feeling. 

 ”It was clear the love of God and Christianity must be spread. Saved. It was clear this is how we are meant to be. I have tears of joy writing this.

”I felt an amazingly strong presence of love and it felt like a dream. I am not a religious man. I’m pretty wise to the world. But this was real; very real.”