It’s time

Towards Essex.
Towards Jesus.

Let’s face it, neither get a good press. Both are stereotyped. Both are the butt of often tasteless humour. We believe Love Essex can help put right these misconceptions.


Love-Essex is a vision of dynamic, Essex-based Christians to present the good news of Jesus Christ – and challenge the negative image of our county – through a series of large and small outdoor events. The dream is to eventually present a Love-Essex event in every major town in the County. Key to its success will be a strong partnership with Essex churches, Christian organisations and individual Christians in positions of influence in Essex.


So why stage Christian events? What possible relevance can Christianity, the Bible and Jesus Christ have in 21st Century Essex? In a post-Covid, post-Brexit and culturally divided Britain, we believe the Christian message has never been more relevant. And the Pandemic has caused many of you to ask serious questions about the meaning of life.


Our message in three simple words? “Jesus loves you”.